Taking Charge

Are you following the line of least resistance in your career?

“Taking Charge is an insightful, thought-provoking read.”
— Michelle, Australia

Since the 1990s, individuals have been told that "it is up to you to manage your own career".  Most of us think we have managed our careers, or have we?

Most of us follow a 'line of least resistance' in our career choices, and are easily fooled by the milestones along our career, frequently self-seducing ourselves into thinking we have moved into the right roles.

This is the only book for anyone who wants to positively manage and 'take charge' of their career thus avoiding the 'line of least resistance'.  It is both strategic and tactical.  It is not a self-help guide to careers, but a methodology and an approach to thinking about you, and your future. It provides the frameworks and tools for you to take stock of who you are, and your career to date.  In addition, it enables you to see what is best for you, plan, and act to implement your future career.  


“For me, already a seasoned career planner, Chris in this book provides deeper insight and vital advice that helped me understand where I had come from, and why, and to develop a plan for the future. And guess what… it worked.”
— Paul, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta

Chris' advice is rich in psychological insight and shares extensive experience of the real-world challenges of forging a career in today's complex organisational world.

“No matter where you are on the ‘career continuum’….this book is a must read.”
— Tony, Australia and Shanghai
“A rare combination of global career wisdom and actionable frameworks for professional and personal growth – you never forget who should be in charge!”
— Frank, New Zealand