Behind the scenes

Olympics don't get more exciting than Mahe Drysdale defending his Olympic title. A dead heat on time, and only separated by 1/2 a bow ball on a photo! The last four years of preparation, of dedication and absolute focus, all came down to this. Behind the scenes were many people,  most notable are his family and his coach Dick Tonks.

At the same event, history was made again in GB rowing and not just the success of the men's coxless four, winning gold for the fifth consecutive time in an Olympics. Behind the scenes, the GB rowing coach Jurgen Grubler did it again! Grubler has coached a crew to a gold medal at every Olympics, from Munich in 1972 through to Rio 2016! Surely this is an extraordinary achievement by anyone's measure. Again, it's the unsung heroes that have helped others to achieve this success.

Be it in business or rowing there are hundreds of people supporting others to be successful - they are the great coaches.